Haverjoy Oat Rissoto with Peas

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Haverjoy Oat Rissoto with Peas
Servings: 2 Adults
- 2 servings of Haverjoy Quick Cooking Oat (120g)
- 50g of unsalted butter
- 500g Chicken stock
- 100g of green peas (Frozen or canned)
- 30g of onions
- 50g of grated cheese of your choice (To garnish)
- salt  (To flavour)
- pepper (To flavour)
Cooking Instructions:
In a medium-sized pot over a medium heat, melt butter. Add onions and cook until translucent. Add Haverjoy Quick Cooking Oats, and stir to coat the Oats with the butter/onions mixture. In 100g increments, pour chicken stock over Oats and stir, until most of the broth are absorbed. Repeat this step until all the broth in absorbed and preffered consistency of Oats are achieved.
Taste the oat and add some salt and pepper if necessary.
Add peas and stir to combine. Turn off the heat, plate to serve and top with grated cheese.
Haverjoy Oat Tips: Add shitakes mushrooms for this recipe for extra flavour!